Reasons to Retire Early


Many of us spent our lives working a 9-to-5 job. Which means you have spent most of your productive age range lifetime at the office. Not to mention if we add the time it takes for you to commute between your home and office. We know the saying you only live once, and deep down in our heart we genuinely believe that life is not supposed to be spent only for working. There are a lot of things in life that are more fulfilling in your life, and you know the only chance to experience it is to retire early and start allocating your time for other things. If you are considering to retire early but still have some doubts in making the decision, here we have round up the top reasons to retire early.

You Have A Money-Making Passion

moneyWhat is better than living a passionate life? If you are one of a few lucky people that have found the passion that can feed them and pay their bills, you need to grab the chance to retire early and fulfill your desire. Many people say, do what you are passionate about, and you don’t have to work for a day in your life. When you already found your passion, especially that passion can generate sufficient income for you, then my friend, it is safe to set up time for retirement.

You Have A Sufficient Passive Income

When you have financial freedom, then life is in your hand. If you are already having streams of passive income that sufficient to cover your living cost, then it is time to explore what life has to explore, outside of your office space. There are a lot of things to try and to learn in this world.

You Have A Personal Reason

In life, we need to rethink our prioritized. Sometimes we are drowning too buried in work that we forget the reasons why we work. If you work for yourself, we want you to take a look at yourself right now, is your health in the best condition? Or the most important thing, are you truly happy with your life? If you work for your family, take a look at your loved ones, do they only need your financial support? Would it be better for them if you give them your time? Think deep; everyone’s living condition are always different from each other. You don’t always need to retire when you are sixty years old; it’s only the norm.…

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