Different Ways to Take CBD

There are four different ways to take CBD. The different ways to take CBD like smoking, rubbing on the skin, or even vaping. Before you take cbd, determine your needs so that you can take it correctly. Here are the different ways to take CBD:


Inhales CBD products pass into the lungs and diffuses into the bloodstream through the alveoli giving immediate effects. This is a harmful way to consume CBD, many users like the relaxing actions of smoking and vaping. Inhaling CBD leads to the release of carcinogenic chemicals that is why most users find smoking more reliable than vaporization. Vaporization is meant to lower temperatures to release cannabinoids and terpenes without burning them, the unwanted chemicals are left behind.

There are high-tech vapes that allow users to select temperatures to maintain full control over the experience. Modern CBD inhalers use aerosol technology to deliver an extract into the lungs which are free from carcinogens and molecular degradation. Inhaling CBD has a high bioavailability of 50-80%. The effects of inhaled CBD don’t last as long as oral administration. Inhalable CBD products include; CBD flowers, E-liquids and extracts, and inhalers.

Topical CBD

Topical CBD works by interacting with receptors in the skin to keep it healthy, supple, and balanced. The formulas contained a myriad of other molecules that keep the skin healthy and slow down aging. Topical CBD is meant to affect the skin, they have natural ingredients that won’t pass onto the bloodstream.

It penetrates the epidermis of the skin to produce deeply nourishing effects through the skin receptors. The receptors of the skin create a balance of proliferation, growth, and cell differentiation. The topical CBD products include; medical CBD creams, CBD beauty creams, CBD lip balms, and CBD for pets.

cbd oil in dark bottle

Oral CBD

Several drops of CBD serve as the easiest and most streamlined way to consume the molecule. It is a discreet and simple way of consuming cannabinoids. The cannabinoid is sent through the digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream.

It then undergoes the first-effects and eventually gets partially broken down. Due to this lengthy process, the effects of CBD are felt for longer up to two hours. Some selected CBD will remain intact or become bioavailable. You will only absorb around 20% in each dose. Some of the oral CBD products include; CBD oil, soft gels, liposomal, and isolates.


This involves placing the CBD under the tongue until it is completely absorbed into the oral mucosa. This type of consumption is fast, easy, and discreet. CBD molecules are passed through the thin layer of tissue under the tongue and diffuse into the capillaries, bloodstream, and cells, the bioavailability is 40-50%.

The effect is felt immediately because the sublingual bypasses the digestive system. However, the effect won’t last long compared to orally ingest. CBD isolates are pure crystals placed under the tongue sending large quantities of CBD into the bloodstream. CBD nasal spray is much like sublingual administration although it’s applied to the nostril.