Factors Considered When Buying a New Paintball

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Choosing the best paint gun is one of the hardest choices, especially for beginner paintballers. There are different features and specs that you need to consider when buying a paintball gun. You should choose a marker that suits your personal preferences, needs of your team, and style of play. The following are the essential factors that you need to consider when purchasing a new paintball gun:

Your Budget


Decide how much money you are willing to spend when buying a new paintball marker. Ideally, you should buy something that fits your budget. The likes of PB Guy sell quality and affordable paintball guns. Individuals who would like to play tournaments should go for great starter packages.

Styles of Guns

There are different styles of guns that you can use for your marker. You should choose a gun that has the style of gun that you prefer. The main types of guns used in paintball markers include:

  • Pump
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic

Mechanic paintball guns have become very popular in the current market because they are easy to maintain and use. They come with different designs that you can choose from. Some of the resemble tournament–level markers and others like actual firearms. The CO2 gas is compressed to power these guns. Mechanical markers are louder and slower, but very reliable.

Electronic guns have a mix of electronic and mechanical components that increase their firing rate and accuracy. They are designed to run with circuit boards and batteries. Shooters who want to improve their game should invest in these high-tech markers. These markers are quitter ad fire more consistently as compared to mechanical markers. Initially, they were costly, but their prices have significantly dropped over the last few years.

The pump paintball maker was considered as the original paintball gun, but after some time, they evolved to more mechanical systems with a different style of shooting. However, these pumps have now started making a comeback. The new model of pump gun includes a new feature known as auto-triggers. This is the feature that makes it easy for the shooter to hold his trigger. They are also powered by compressed gases like the other styles to increase their precision and accuracy. What makes them unique is that they are single-shot guns.

The Other Equipment Needed

It is crucial to figure out if there is another equipment needed before you use all your hard-earned money to purchase your dream gun. Try and find out the upgrades required for your gun to perform satisfactorily. Some of the essential equipment that you may consider buying include a compressed air tank and a new regulator. The cost of this equipment should be factored in before purchasing a new gun.